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Unterhaltungs- und Comedyfernsehen.: Faktoren der Rezeption und Formatentwicklung


Angela Stockinger

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St. Pölten, FH-Stg. Medienmanagement, Dipl.-Arb., 2005

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In June 2003 the broadcasting station ATV plus has come up in Austria as the first national, terrestrial television channels. Currently the ORF Management focuses on formats which have already proven its attractiveness in order to keep their valuable customers, who pay for promotional service. Neither has the ORF lost its monopolistic position because of the pressure of competition brought by independent German stations nor by the liberalization of the Austrian market. Despite the continuous quota loss of the ORF and the permanent program criticism, the strategy of broadcasting already successfully proven, international program concepts is still continued. The entertainment and comedy area would definitely offer many possibilities to broadcast original Austrian program contents to stand out the German competitors. But this option is apparently not used. The ORF instead copies international concepts, fills these programs with Austrian presenters, candidates and contents and often broadcasts those simultaneously with the originals of the German TV broadcasting stations. The development of innovative programs apart from „Expedition Österreich“ and the „Barbara Karlich Show“ seems not to be the intention of the ORF management. Purchasing expensive foreign concept licenses seems more popular than the invention of own concept ideas. The thesis deals with many aspects of the entertainment and comedy area on television starting by the basics of entertainment and an explanation of audience’s needs and audience’s favourites concerning television shows and leads to the process of program planning. Later on the concept development on the entertainment and comedy sector is elucidated, in which both legal framework conditions and formal interests and content regards are dealt with. Future forecasts of the concept development and the influence of new technologies and economic events in the conversation area conclude the master thesis.

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Österreichischer Rundfunk; Unterhaltungssendung; Fernsehsendung