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Das Advertorial im Spannungsfeld von Verlagsökonomie, Unternehmenskommunikation, Qulitätsjournalismus und Rezipientenbeachtung


Johanna Wall

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The advertorial between the conflicting priorities of media economics, corporate communication, quality journalism and readership attention. An advertorial is a paid advertisement that is graphically designed to simulate editorial content and is written in the manner of an objective article. It is presented in printed publications. Actually, it provides information about the paying client. The term combines the words “advertising” and “editorial”. Advertorials must be clearly identified as such by tagging it as advertising. The author aims to ascertain the factors affecting an advertorial using a cross-disciplinary approach ranging from business economics to communication science. This master’s thesis situates the four forces of media economics, corporate communication, quality journalism and readership attention as conflicting priorities. Their specific demands have a substantial influence on the “paid editorial”: Publishing houses rely on advertising revenue. Besides classic image campaigns, advertorials are becoming a source of income of increasing importance. Corporate communication professionals expect readers to give more credibility to “editorial-like” content than paid advertisements. Therefore in the advertorial they publish public relations (PR) content with “the look and feel” of an editorial. Generally, PR activities as well as advertorials are of utmost importance for companies as a provider of (complex) information in addition to classic image ads. As advertorials are supposed to be received as editorials, often (former) journalists are assigned as copywriters. Still, most advertorials do not correspond to the criteria of quality journalism (i.e. actuality, relevancy, independence, objectivity), but follow the client’s briefing – as the client’s content approval is crucial. As to the study of Burkart , nine out of ten readers recognize advertorials as advertising. Being interested in the subject, they also read it. Readers acknowledge the highly informative value of advertorials. Every other reader recognizes the advertorial as credible, especially if taken for editorial content. Furthermore, this master’s thesis takes aspects of reliability and credibility into account. It especially focuses on principles of ethics in public relations as norms for the production of advertorials.

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St. Pölten, MBA Media Management, Masterthesis, 2011

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