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PubViz: Lightweight Visual Presentation of Publication Data


Alexander Rind

Wolfgang Aigner

Markus Wagner

Christina Niederer

Kerstin Blumenstein

Andrea Haberson

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Publications play a central role in presenting the outcome of scientific research but are typically presented as textual lists, whereas related work in visualization of publication focuses on exploration – not presentation. To bridge this gap, we conducted a design study of an interactive visual representation of publication data in a BibTeX file, PubViz. This paper reports our domain and problem characterization as well as our visualization design decisions in light of our user-centered design process including interviews, two user studies with a paper prototype and a d3.js prototype, and practical application at our group’s website. The collection bundles supplementary materials and research data for a conference paper published at EuroVis 2017.

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publication list; bibliography; visual presentation; prototype; visualization; visual analytics; interactive; design study