Titel (deu): Gesundheitsförderung und Soziale Arbeit im Rahmen der Psycho-Sozialen Dienste der Caritas St. Pölten

Autor: Winkler, A. (Annemarie)

Beschreibung (deu): St. Pölten, FH-Stg. Sozialarbeit, Dipl.-Arb., 2008

Beschreibung (eng): This thesis deals with the avoidance of a deficiency perspective focusing instead on the positive qualities of life. The concept of salutogenesis according to Anton Antonovsky is a strengths-based model emphasizing the clients’ strengths and resources. The clearly delineated goal of salutogenesis is health orientation.
The purpose of this master thesis is to make the social worker aware of the health needs, especially when working with mentally disordered people. So far social psychiatry pays too little attention to health promotion. But there is a possibility to focus successfully on the mentally disordered people’s health. Social workers can be supporters of well-being, while they act holistically in the life-world of a person. This thesis is based on a broad literature research followed by a qualitative study with social work and health promotion in the context of the “Psycho-Sozialer Dienst”, which is an information and advice giving centre for people with a mental disorder in
an out-patient setting provided by the institution of the “Caritas St. Pölten”. The purpose is to examine following question: How do the social workers from the “Psycho-Sozialen Dienst of the “Caritas St. Pölten” improve the mental health of their clients and in which way can health promotion demonstrate an implementation of the
salutogenesis? Qualitative instructured interviews were conducted with six social workers of the “Psycho-Sozialen Dienst” to find out how they achieve health promotion. The findings of the research are compared with the model of the salutogenesis.

Sprache des Objekts: Deutsch

Datum: 2008

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Klassifikation: Sankt Pölten; Caritas; Salutogenese; Gesundheitsförderung; Gemeindepsychiatrie; Kohärenztheorie; Psychosoziale Arbeit

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