Titel (deu): The Digital Music Market

Autor: Nagel, P. (Philipp)

Beschreibung (deu): St. Pölten, FH-Stg. Medienmanagement, Dipl.-Arb., 2009

Beschreibung (eng): Music in the Internet era is still the centre of attention for a colossal
number of fans and is an integral part of people’s lives.
The way how music is consumed nowadays has taken on many new
and diverse forms. On the one hand, the digital age has opened new
doors for selling music online. On the other hand, the music industry
still has to cope with sales decreases due to online piracy. Moreover,
traditional participants of the value chain have to compete with
companies from outside the music industry who are pushing into the
market. They try to claim areas of the value chain for themselves so
traditional music companies are forced to adapt quickly to this
dynamic market in order to stay competitive.
In this work the author describes the industry structure of the music
industry and analyses in how far traditional activities of the value
chain are relevant in today’s online music market. The core activities
of music companies are examined and are valuated according to their
chances and risks in the digital market. In addition to this, new ways
and possibilities of music distribution over the internet are highlighted
and investigated in the following.

Sprache des Objekts: Englisch

Datum: 2009

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Klassifikation: Musikwirtschaft; Internet; Urheberrecht; Raubkopie; Musik; Downloading; Legalität; Musikwissenschaft

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