Title (eng): The importance of societal innovation for business success

Author: Ben M'Rad, F. (Ferid)

Description (deu): St. Pölten, Studiengang Medienmanagement, Masterarbeit, 2018

Description (eng): In this paper, an action research approach is applied to the crowdsourcing platform travel2change to find out what variables play an important role in developing a successful CSI platform. Aiming to increase and evolve user participation and interaction on the platform, the following research question should be answered: How to Create an effective crowdsourcing social innovation platform? Throughout two action research cycles platform data in combination with semi-structured interviews (n=7) provided deep insights. In detail, the following main learning occurred: Social and community based organizations do have the need for a collaborative crowdsourcing platform that connects organizations with a social cause and in result enables them to join forces and tackle social issues more effectively. Furthermore, a product CSI platform was conceptualized which can help organizations to create social innovation. Reflecting this new approach with theory provides contributions to theory, managerial implications and further research opportunities.

Object languages: English

Date: 2018

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Classification: Open Innovation ; Sozialer Wandel ; Unternehmensgründung

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