Title (eng): Screenshot of KAVAGait showing patterns of normal gait

Author: Wagner, M. (Markus)
Aigner, W. (Wolfgang)
Zeppelzauer, M. (Matthias)
Rind, A. (Alexander)
Horsak, B. (Brian)
Slijepčević, D. (Djordje)

Description (eng): KAVAGait is a Knowledge-Assisted Visual Analytics solution for clinical Gait analysis. It allows the clinician to store and inspect complex data derived during clinical gait analysis. The system incorporates innovative and interactive visual interface concepts, which were developed based on the needs of clinicians. Additionally, an explicit knowledge store allows externalization and storage of implicit knowledge from clinicians. The screenshot shows a person's recorded ground reaction force with patterns of normal gait. The user interface of KAVAGait has three main areas: Left: the table structure shows the explicit knowledge store (EKS) that provides an overview of the stored gait patterns and how good the currently loaded data matches their definitions along with the controls in (1b) are used for filtering the included data in the EKS. Center: the patient explorer including the ‘Person Information’, the visualization of the ‘vertical ground reaction force’ (Fv) for each individual foot and the visualization of the combined Fv from both feet. Right: the ‘Parameter Explorer’ visualizes the 16 calculated spatio-temporal parameters (STPs) of the loaded person in relation to the ‘Norm Data Category’ and a second ‘Selected Category’.

Object languages: English

Date: 2018

Rights: Creative Commons License
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