Title (deu): Stochastic project management: Multiple projects with multi-skilled human resources

Author: Felberbauer, T. (Thomas)
Gutjahr, W. (Walter)
Doerner, K. (Karl)

Description (deu): For our computational experiments, we generated test instances by the test instance generator proposed in Heimerl und Kolisch (2010).
The available database contains different problem structures used in Felberbauer, Gutjahr and Doerner (2018) published in the Journal of Scheduling.
The data may be used for the evaluation of solution procedures for stochastic project scheduling and personnel planning. Amongst other things, the mode value of the triangular distributed demand of work packages is provided. Using the parameter representing the degree of uncertainty the min and max value per work package demand can be calculated.

Object languages: English

Date: 2017-11-17T15:46:01.930Z

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Classification: Stochastic optimization, Project scheduling, Personnel planning, Heterogeneous skills, Iterated local search

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