Title (eng): Attacks on Industrial Control Systems and Countermeasures

Author: Eigner, O. (Oliver)

Description (deu): St. Pölten, Studiengang Information Security, Masterarbeit, 2016

Description (eng): Today, Cyber Physical Systems (CPSs) are becoming popular in production plants, power networks, healthcare devices, transportation networks and industrial processes. The most common example of CPSs is an Industrial Control System (ICS), which is widespread in almost every critical infrastructure. As ICSs are used more and more thoroughly and extensively, security and safety of Industrial Control Systems has become the utmost important concern in system design, implementation and also research. Many kinds of industrial attacks arise (e.g. the Stuxnet worm), causing heavy impacts and losses as well as serious potential security risks. The importance of ICSs in our daily life and their vulnerabilities to cyber attacks make such systems a very attractive target. The quantity and frequency of these attacks grows steadily. At the same time motivation of adversaries, complexity of performed attacks and causing impacts differ among known incidents. In this thesis, industrial attacks against a self-made production plant scenario and appropriate countermeasures in order to prevent, degrade or detect attacks as well as mechanisms for assuring security are analyzed. The intention of this thesis is not to show how to perform industrial attacks, but to advise why security of Industrial Control Systems should be on a high level in order to counteract attackers.

Object languages: English

Date: 2016

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Classification: Cyberattacke; Kontrollsystem

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