Title (eng): PubViz Source Code

Author: Haberson, A. (Andrea)
Aigner, W. (Wolfgang)
Wagner, M. (Markus)
Niederer, C. (Christina)
Blumenstein, K. (Kerstin)
Rind, A. (Alexander)
Theisen, P. (Paul)
Schnaitt, E. (Elisabeth)
Rasul, S. (San)
Fabi, M. (Matthias)

Description (eng): PubViz is an interactive visualization solution for presentation of publication lists. The ZIP file contains a snapshot of the executable JavaScript source code from https://github.com/fhstp/PubViz/releases/tag/eurovis17.

Object languages: English

Date: 2017

Rights: GNU-Licence



Classification: publication list; bibliography; visual presentation; prototype; visualization; visual analytics; interactive; design study; JavaScript; free and open-source software

Member of the Collection(s) (1):
o:1933 PubViz: Lightweight Visual Presentation of Publication Data
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