Title (eng): PubViz showing IEEE InfoVis publications: source code and data

Author: Rind, A. (Alexander)
Aigner, W. (Wolfgang)
Wagner, M. (Markus)
Niederer, C. (Christina)
Blumenstein, K. (Kerstin)
Theisen, P. (Paul)
Schnaitt, E. (Elisabeth)
Rasul, S. (San)
Fabi, M. (Matthias)
Haberson, A. (Andrea)

Description (eng): PubViz is an interactive visualization solution for presentation of publication lists. This application example shows how PubViz with publication data of the IEEE VIS conference series collected by the vispubdata.org project. The ZIP file contains executable JavaScript source code and data as a snapshot from <https://github.com/alex-rind/PubViz/commit/1a1f77a4e664a00226edcc2d044b6570fdca4d5f>.

Object languages: English

Date: 2017

Rights: GNU-Licence



Classification: publication list; bibliography; visual presentation; prototype; visualization; visual analytics; interactive; design study; vispubdata.org; JavaScript; free and open-source software

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o:1933 PubViz: Lightweight Visual Presentation of Publication Data
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