Title (eng): Seizing the Screen

Author: Dürnberger, N. (Nathalie Eva)

Description (deu): St. Pölten, Studiengang Digitale Medientechnologien, Masterarbeit, 2016

Description (eng): The visual and narrative related representation of any characters in feature film is a conceptual question on which artistic and technical decisions are based. In order to recognise discriminations, those decisions, which are reflected in both the momentary cinematic image and the time-based narration of the film, have to be looked at as well as on, who the decision makers are. Based on its findings, the aim of this thesis is to generate feminist artistic and technical ideas and in these regards set feminist actions against still ongoing ignorance towards abuse of femininity and marginalisation of women in media, and thus within society - which actually has been affecting all genders negatively. In the course of this approach, the anticipation of a positive impact of the considered pro-feminist shift in front of and behind the camera on all genders is advocated.

Object languages: English

Date: 2016

Rights: © All rights reserved

Classification: Film; Feminismus

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