Title (eng): Home Automation Security

Author: Haller, M. (Marion)

Description (deu): St. Pölten, FH-Stg. Information Security, Master Thesis, 2014

Description (eng): Home automation systems provide a new, stylish and convenient way of controlling a modern home's living situation. Ranging from lighting over temperature to surveillance, those systems can add reasonable amounts of comfort to inhabitants of a smart home. As those technologies evolve, the interconnection between devices, locations and people does as well, one person can control and live his life via smartphone and web interface. It is only understandable that this person also wants to control their house via those mechanisms. This is the part where security comes into place. Opening structure-critical processes like heating or lighting to online control mechanisms opens new attack sectors to adversaries. By remotely hacking home automation systems, attackers can not only control those systems "causing financial and human damage as well as reputation loss" they also can gain sensitive information of a household like for instance the information if and when inhabitants are at home or when they are on holiday which is especially useful for possible burglars and thieves. As the market seems to be dominated by rather cheap do-it-yourself products, possible security issues arise, as inexpensive bulk products often do not take special care of security needs of an interconnected and remotely operatable technological device. As the smart home market will further evolve in the next years and houses will get even more integrated in the Internet of Things, this thesis will give a detailed overview about home automation products of several categories, their prospective security risks and a general security analysis of home automation systems.

Object languages: English

Date: 2014

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Classification: Gebäudeleittechnik; Automation; Sicherheit

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