Title (deu): Studiendesign und Interviewleitfaden der KAMAS User Study

Title (eng): Study design and interview guidelines for the KAMAS user study

Author: Wagner, M. (Markus)
Rind, A. (Alexander)
Thür, N. (Niklas)
Aigner, W. (Wolfgang)

Description (eng): Study design, user tasks, and guidelines to semi-structured interviews for the user study of KAMAS, a knowledge-assisted visual malware analysis system.

Object languages: German

Date: 2017

Rights: Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a CC BY 3.0 AT - Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Austria License.


Classification: research data; evaluation; usability; malicious software; malware analysis; visualization; visual analytics; design study

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o:1264 A knowledge-assisted visual malware analysis system: Design, validation and reflection of KAMAS
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