Title (eng): Building an Anonymous VPN

Author: Fischer, B. (Bernhard R.)

Description (deu): St. Pölten, FH-Stg. Telekommunikation und Medien, Dipl.-Arb., 2009

Description (eng): The Internet is a continuously growing network which reaches more and more areas of everybody’s life independently of their occupation. In particular the network grew extraordinary in the last two decades and heavily influences the daily business of individuals and organizations. Data is collected everywhere in a seemingly uncontrolled manner for many plausible and implausible reasons. Specifically in the last years topics like data retention and surveillance appeared in the public, those affecting individuals in particular. But traffic monitoring may not influence just individuals. This also covers industrial espionage and might affect even the sovereignty of states when considering surveillance of governmental or military data exchange. As a consequence many efforts are undertaken to build so-called anonymizing networks on top of the Internet, being Tor such a network as an example. Their purpose is to hide the fact of who is communicating to whom. Technical speaking this means hiding IP addresses and locations from observers. The Tor network provides an interface which has to be used in order to gain anonymity. This interface has some limitations. Although it is possible to setup peer to peer connections between participants, it does not allow transmission of IP packets directly. We are looking for a way to make it capable to transport IP packets and create peer to peer connections between participants in a completely dynamic way, thus creating an anonymous Internet overlay. This document gives a sound basis on cryptography, networking, and operating systems to fully understand the difficulties and possibilities when creating such an overlay. Finally a solution and a software ready for use is presented in detail.

Object languages: German

Date: 2009

Rights: © All rights reserved

Classification: Virtuelles privates Netzwerk; Kryptologie; Softwareentwicklung

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